HL7 Interfaces

HL7 Interfaces

Do you use different healthcare applications that don’t talk to each other?

If you don’t yet have an integrated health information system, such as the web-based integrated Optum PM & Physician EMR, Phasis Group can get them communicating. We utilize the Mirth interface engine to integrate your applications by routing healthcare industry standard Health Level 7 (HL7) messages between them.

HL7 Interface Integration Example

Let’s say that your practice adopts the Optum PM and Physician EMR system for its patient management and billing functionality, but your providers want to continue to use their old EMR system.  Phasis group would work with the other EMR company to setup interfaces between their EMR and Optum PM & EMR, as in the diagram below, to send HL7 messages containing patient, appointment and billing information between the two systems.

HL7 example diagram

The flow of information:

1.  The front desk enters patient demographics into Optum. 2.  An ADT message is sent to Other EMR with the patient demographics. 3.  The front desk enters an appointment for the patient into Optum. 4.  An SIU message is sent to Other EMR with the appointment. 5.  The physician enters visit information into Urochart. 6.  A DFT message is sent from Other EMR to Optum with the charge information. 7.  The biller generates a claim for the visit in Optum.

Why use Phasis Group for your HL7 interfaces? 

Faster implementation and lower cost! Since Phasis Group already has interfaces between our own interface engine and many other PM, EMR and lab systems, including CareTracker, UrochartEMR, Orchard Harvest LIS, AxionHealth occupational health, etc., hooking up to another system is months faster, and with a savings of about half the initial implementation and recurring charges. And if we don’t already have the interface you need, we can coordinate and shorten the implementation process between the different organizations.