Dragon Medical Dictation

Voice Enable Your EHR

Tired of clicking?

Annoyed at the awkward and unnatural wording your EHR produces?

With DragonĀ® Medical Practice Edition 2, say it EXACTLY as you want it to
appear and save time and money in the process!

Dragon Medical Practice Edition Workflow

Features that make it all happen:

More than 99% accurate out of the box

Advanced engine for faster recognition speed

Regional accent support that recognizes your voice and inflections

Hidden dialogue box for streamlined dictation

Customizable macros for quicker dictation of frequently used terms and text

Over 90 medical specialty and subspecialty vocabularies

Let Us Help

We will show and train you how to leverage Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 quickly and effectively, so you can immediately enjoy the benefits of Dragon – the leading medical voice recognition solution.

5 Easy Steps:

We’ve been successfully helping medical professionals with their speech recognition needs for over 15 years.

  1. Complimentary demonstration of how the software will fit into your workflow
  2. Expert installation of Dragon Medical speech recognition software
  3. Customization of features specifically needed within your unique practice
  4. Professional training for beginning through advanced users in one-on-one or group settings
  5. Ongoing technical support that keeps Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 working seamlessly with your EHR

Contact us today for a free demonstration of Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and learn how we can help you create a more successful business.

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