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By: Brad Sclar on   January 6, 2015

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Dear PhasisGroup Customers: in what we view as a positive development, Optum has sold Caretracker to a Canadian software company, Harris Computers (see formal announcement below).  Harris’ focus will be software improvements in speed, reliability, scalability (a SaaS strength), and program enhancements.

In terms of support and business relationships, there are no changes to you, our customer.  Please contact us in regards to this transaction with any questions!

Thanks – Your PhasisGroup team.

A letter to customers from Harris CEO Jeff Bender & Group President Daniel Desaulniers

We are pleased to announce that on December 29th, 2014 Harris completed the acquisition of CareTracker.  It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to the Harris user community – a dedicated & knowledgeable group of 2,300+ employees & 10,000+ customers.

Harris has been serving its customers for more than 30 years.  We are a software company that is focused on providing software solutions that empower people who serve their communities.  We currently do this in utilities, local government, schools, public safety, US and Canadian health care.  We are a company that is focused on enabling our customers to deliver essential services, safety and care to their constituents.

Harris supports CareTracker’s goal of assisting healthcare providers in improving productivity, ensuring regulatory and legal compliance, and enhancing the quality of patient care and safety.

CareTracker with Harris’ support, will work with you to keep the commitments we have made, deliver upon the product road maps we have developed together and continue to work together to build upon our mutually beneficial long-term relationships.  We encourage and welcome your input and feedback and look forward to moving forward in partnership with you.

We are very excited about our future as we combine the skills, dedication, market knowledge & solutions of CareTracker with the long-term ownership values of Harris.

Ultimately, our success comes from helping you succeed. We take pride in what we do and we look forward to earning your loyalty and support as our newest Harris customers.

We have also set-up a special email address for you to send questions – Questions@CareTracker.com.


Jeff Bender                                                           Daniel Desaulniers
Chief Executive Officer                                       Group President 
Harris                                                                     Harris


Welcome to the new and old CareTracker:

Our CareTracker team is thrilled to join Harris as our new long-term home.  We had a great opportunity to mature and grow with Optum over the last 7 years and are honored to support Optum360 as one of our key Channel Partners and help them drive their revenue cycle business for years to come.    Separating CareTracker’s technology business is a win/win for everyone involved.  This will be a great opportunity for our team to manage our business within a world class software company with a steady hand that encourages and guides us to have organizational agility and decision making close to our market and customers.

Russ Keene, Executive Vice President, CareTracker

Q1:         Why did Harris acquire CareTracker?

A:            There are four main reasons that Harris acquired CareTracker:

(1)  You, the CareTracker customers.  You are over 7,300 end providers strong and have been focused on developing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.  You are invested in CareTracker and rely on us to work with you to deal with the many challenges & changes going on in your world.  We see great value in these relationships & the partnerships that have been created.  We believe you are great partners for our future success.

(2)  The CareTracker employees.  They are dedicated, loyal, experienced & have tremendous domain knowledge.  As a software company we know that our value is derived from our employees.  They create the solutions we sell and support as well as establish, build and grow our customer relationships.

(3)  The CareTracker solutions.  CareTracker’s portfolio of solutions are proven, reliable, stable, feature rich & support the Harris goal of enabling our customers to better serve their communities.  We believe that CareTracker’s Practice Management solutions provide us with a great foundation for future growth & success.

(4)  The ability to build from a position of strength & scale in US HCIT.  As a company we like change as we believe it provides opportunity.  Ultimately we believe we can and will be successful.

Q2:         Who is Harris?

A:            Harris is a software company focused on providing software solutions that empower people who serve their communities.  We currently do this in utilities, local government, schools, public safety, US and Canadian health care.  We are a company focused on enabling our customers to deliver essential services, safety and care to their constituents.  For more information on Harris please visit our website at http://www.harriscomputer.com

Harris is also part of the Constellation Software Incorporated family of companies.

Q3:         Who is Constellation Software Incorporated (CSI)?

A:           CSI is a leading provider of software and services to a select group of public and private sector markets. They acquire, manage and build industry specific software businesses which provide specialized, mission-critical software solutions that address the particular needs of our customers. Its businesses continuously develop innovative solutions that enable their customers to achieve their objectives. With over 30,000 customers in over 30 countries and a proven track record of solid growth, they have established a broad portfolio of software businesses to provide their customers and shareholders with exceptional returns.

CSI is publicly listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol CSU.

For more information on CSI please visit their website at http://www.csisoftware.com

 Q4:         Who are the key senior executives responsible for CareTracker on a go forward basis?

A:           Jeff Bender is the Harris Chief Executive Officer, Daniel Desaulniers is the Harris Group President for US Heath Care and Russ Keene is the CareTracker Executive Vice President.

Jeff and Daniel will work closely with Russ and the CareTracker leadership team to set strategy & product direction as well as focus on leadership development & operational execution.

Russ as the Executive Vice President will be directly responsible for the operations of CareTracker.  Russell will be working directly with the existing managers and leaders at CareTracker moving forward.

Q5:         Will Harris stop selling or supporting any existing CareTracker products?

A:           No.  All products will be continued & supported.  We do not anticipate any product strategy changes and we are committed to the existing product road maps as well as all customer commitments.

Q6:         If I have a current implementation or project in progress will this change impact me?

A:           No.  All implementation & project resources are continuing.  All of your project resources remain the same – so please feel free to reach out and talk to them.  There is no change to our timelines or commitments as a result of the acquisition.

Q7:         Will I be forced to upgrade or change my software application?

A:           No.  We will continue to develop, sell, implement & support all existing CareTracker solutions.  We will meet all contractual commitments & continue working in a manner that supports our existing long-term relationships.

 Q8:         Does how I access or who I contact for support change?

A:           No.  Please continue to contact us in the same way you always have & expect to receive the same great service from our knowledgeable staff.

Our employees are as committed to your success today as they were yesterday.

We look forward to working together and building upon our relationships. 

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