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CareTracker Training Conference Report – November 2016

By: David Reiter on   December 7, 2016

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Hello CareTracker Customers –

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your business! We have just returned from Nashville and would like to give you a brief summary of our learnings while attending the training conference. We were very fortunate to be named the CareTracker Channel Partner of the Year for 2016. I must admit that I personally had reservations about attending this year. Perhaps my memories of the outages we all endured before the major data center upgrade earlier this summer were still too raw. Maybe it was the long list of bugs that still have to be addressed, or maybe it’s just the fatigue from so many regulatory issues our industry has to deal with. Whatever the reasons, I was prepared to be disappointed.

I am extremely pleased to report, that not only was the conference a great experience with many, many new insights, and we also firmly believe that the acquisition by Harris Computers is the best thing that could have happened to Caretracker. I’m guessing that everyone appreciates the stability that the upgraded servers and environment have delivered. Once we got through the initial adjustments needed, the new servers have delivered a much faster and more responsive experience. I run a great deal of reports and can attest to the fact that reports are running in a fraction of the time. We were happy to learn that additional improvements are on their way as well. During the conference, we had direct access to the Harris Caretracker senior management, developers and analysts. We solved quite of number of small issues and shared a lot of information about issues that affect your practice. We were given a preview of many exciting new features being introduced. Here’s are a few of the more interesting changes coming:

  • Improvements to the Collection Module enabling work flow to trigger automated text messages, phone calls, e-mails and letters directly from collections.
  • Tight integration between InstaMed, Caretracker and Patient Notifications (formerly Client Tell) allowing you to automate recalls and collection calls.
  • Kiosk technology to allow your patients to enter their own demographic information using an iPad or another type of mobile device.
  • Care Management Module to assist with follow-up patient care and reporting requirements for quality reporting (PQRS, CQM, NQF, HCC, PCMH, etc.).
  • Bi-directional interfaces for LabCorp and Quest.
  • ERx improvements (change, cancel and fill) and Standardized A&P templates to drive Quality Reporting compliance.
  • Patient Portal Enhancements; Chrome compatible; new communication options.
  • Mobile Tasking integrating smartphones with Caretracker.
  • And much, much more.

The only disappointing thing about this years’ conference is that it sold out during Early Bird Registration preventing participation by many of you who wanted to attend. Harris Computers owns over 30 different software companies from many different sectors with healthcare being the newest addition. It’s really an impressive thing speaking with customers from the other sectors that have been with a Harris company for over ten years tell us how much their software applications have improved since Harris acquired their previous vendor. We are in good hands with a very encouraging road ahead.

So, mark your calendars for November 15th through the 17th 2017 for next years’ conference. We sent five people this year, and everyone had the same reaction; money well spent!

We look forward to discussing all the exciting changes with each of you. Please give us a call if you would like to discuss any of these exciting changes.

Yours truly,

Phasis Group, LLC
(303) 500-1884

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