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Phasis Group is a unique medical consulting company because we want you to succeed.  We have a comprehensive and integrative approach to implementing Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management systems designed to help you, our customer, more fully leverage your clinical management and IT solutions.

  • Do you need Revenue Cycle Management services?  Leverage the RCM expertise at Phasis, whose staff have overseen the redesign of billing departments of health facilities with over 20 physicians to the day to day operational billing tasks needed to maintain the financial well-being of a single-physician practice.
  • Do you need to eliminate your transcription costs? Phasis has been selling and supporting voice recognition into every medical specialty and EMR system for decades, from pathology labs, to operating rooms, to physicians’ offices.
  • Do you need workflow analysis to leverage your EMR effectively?  We have office managers combined with operational experts who will analyze every aspect of your clinic to create workflow solutions designed to improve efficiency, productivity, and patient care.
  • Do you need to navigate the maze of Meaningful Use?  Phasis Group will help to ensure that you qualify for all Meaningful Use incentives: we have managed dozens of successful Meaningful Use applications.
  • Do you need to save money on office and medical supplies?  Phasis Group is offering cost-saving GPO purchasing solutions.
  • Do you need to transfer medical records from your previous system?  Phasis Group has engineered multiple medical record conversions, from leveraging our in-house HL7 interface engine, to creating automated scheduling and billing interfaces between disparate systems, to overseeing lab and HIE interfaces, to managing bulk document image imports.

Phasis Group is not just another Billing or IT consulting company, we are a group of seasoned professionals from every area of the medical universe who understand the challenge of successfully integrating your practice with your chosen IT and clinical management solutions who will improve your bottom line!

Contact us to find out how we can help your practice.

Phasis Group - Matt Crew Matt Crew has worked in Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management since 1988. His experience includes founding and operating Medical Billing Services, as well as redesigning and implementing billing departments for various healthcare entities. Matt has extensive experience in Revenue Cycle reporting and has developed unique data mining tools to assist financial practice management. Matt’s Revenue Cycle Best Practices work has been published in national trade publications.

Phasis Group - Brad Sclar Brad Sclar has founded two successful Healthcare IT companies within the last 15 years in the Denver area — Phasis Group (Medical Billing and Electronic Medical Record installations/support) and MD-IT (currently Command Health, offering web based transcription services). In addition to multiple IT certifications he supports voice recognition software into multiple EMR environments nationwide, serves as the CIO of the Phasis Group IT Division, overseeing template development, maintenance of client LAN installations, custom software development, HL7 interfaces between EMRs, and the installation of the Health Record portion of the EMR software packages that Phasis Group represents. Currently, he is involved in fine-tuning the interface between Optum’s web-based EMR Caretracker and the state HIE, CORHIO (Colorado Regional Health Information Exchange).

bruce pic Bruce Barker has an extensive and varied background in technology from writing software for a nuclear missile warning system, to designing educational technology solutions for secondary mathematics, and his current role building PM/EHR databases, and HL7 interfaces to enable diverse Health Care systems to communicate with each other. Bruce believes that an attention to detail and working closely and collaboratively with clients are essential to creating an online company that emulates how you do business.

Phasis Group - Luv Dobbins Luv Dobbins has worked in the Health Care Industry for over seventeen years. She has extensive experience as a practice administrator, supervising billing departments and overseeing coding for her physicians. She has several years of experience with physician credentialing, physician contracting, working with IPA’s, clinic and inpatient billing, medical legal billing, and compliance.